July 28, 2010


Yesterday afternoon you would have found me sitting on the 834 porch with all my friends sipping white wine in the midst of an R. Kelly Remix to Ignition sing-along. It was like an advertisement. I'm not sure what we were selling, but I'm pretty sure you all would want to buy it.

In a similar vein, we were discussing Ginuwine's Pony and the blog that exists solely to document all the people out there on Youtube that like to put on the aforementioned song, prop up their digital camera, and film the shit out of their dance moves. Look.


Kyle said...

"All" your friends? I doubt that since I was not there nor invited.

That website is awesome by the way.

Rachel Wrong said...

I'm sorry Kyle. "A small portion of my friends" would have been a more accurate description. You know how big our porch is, it felt like everyone was there.

Elizabeth said...

I wasn't invited either.

FACT: Did you know Remix to Ignition is Rachael and Kale's song.

Rachel Wrong said...

Again, "all" my friends was a gross exaggeration. Please do not feel slighted. It was way easier to write that than write: My boyfriend, my two roommates and their two respective visitors. Literary license.