July 12, 2010

Summer Weekend

Following a somewhat surgical procedure rendered harmless with various pharmaceuticals, I proceeded to have the sort of weekend one can only have in Portland in the summer. Liz and Jesse swooped me up and we had balcony drinks up in NW before heading to SanSai Japanese Grill (539 NW 21st) and ordering a sushi boat. So exciting. It really was a boat filled with sushi. There was a little mast and a little net sail and a little rudder. All food should come in boats.

On Saturday I wandered around with Caitlin at the Mississippi Street Fair and debuted the Star Wars dress to much positive response. So much to do: scavenged free samples from various locations, checked out each booth before making the ultimate food decision, margaritas at Mississippi Pizza, african drumming heckling, Dirty Mittens, epic people watching, earring hunting, and a game of giant Jenga in the beer garden (this is where the dress comments really came pouring in. Definitely received one of these: Use the Force!) And yeah, I tipped the tower. This was topped by the Thao/Mirah show at Mississippi Studios. If you don't listen to Thao you probably should.

And Sunday. Carin made me blueberry pancakes and then we floated the Clackamas from McIver Park to Barton Park. She has a teal and purple two-man raft with a small hole in one of the side panels. That section of the Clackamas is great. There are enough little rapids, waves and rocks to make things exciting, with long flat drifts in the sun between. And while the side panel was flat by the time we rolled in, our expert rafting skills were unhindered. Carin rushed back to Portland to catch the sunset at Skidmore Bluffs and I lurked in front of the Barton Mercantile and ate a hotdog.

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