July 9, 2010

Three Things

1. I was walking back to work after lunch and I saw this little sign stuck in the ground. It said FREE! Next to it was a plastic bottle of mustard.

2. Last night we caught the sunset at Skidmore Bluffs. Standard scene: kids lying around on blankets swilling tall boys and blowing smoke while participating in witty conversation.The occasional couple eating corn. Lone wolves reading in the last patch of sun. And then these two girls appeared. One was wearing a red sports bra, blue daisy dukes, and little boy striped cotton socks. The other was in brown and black. They did lunges all the way through the park, the girl in brown trailing uncertainly and lacking the coordination of her aerobics instructor companion. All the kids stopped drinking and stared, beer still dripping from their mustaches. We were like, Is this irony? Is this art? The girls moved on to arm circles and neck rolling. Finally Charissa decided they were just like, exercising.

3. There's this crazy house up the street from us. They tore a large portion of it down and are building an incongruous new section with huge rooms and a strange balcony. There is still a weird little playhouse in the back and there's always lots of scrap lumber piled haphazardly out front. I passed by on my bike this morning and this woman was in the midst of all this working on her feet with a pumice stone.


Charisstopher said...

sometimes the obvious explanation is the best.

Caitlin said...

It turns out Charissa knows what's up.

Rachel Wrong said...

The best. For those who weren't there during the revelation, it turns out the two mystery girls were my friends and they were indeed exercising.