July 15, 2010

Keeping It Organized

Those of you who hang out with me on a semi-regular basis know that I can be kind of a mess. Not like food and drink spilled down my front mess (though that can happen), but a generally disorganized, can't find what I'm looking for, rummaging through my purse, running through the house frantically, chronic double exiter. (Double exiter: You know how some people run out the door with a quick see you later and then come back sheepishly 55 seconds later to grab whatever it is they forgot?) So I thought it might interest you to see how organized I can be when it comes to camping. I even took meeting minutes, typed them up and sent them to the group. Here they are:

Ron Toms, 5:30
Attendees: Rachel Wright, Charissa Robbins, Kyle Arthur, Darci Leffler, Sarah Anderson
I had a french dip and a glass of white wine. Both were delicious. Sarah (Gabe's fill-in) and Darci also had the same sandwich. Darci's salad had an abundance of dressing. Charissa and Kyle did not have food, but did consume multiple beers and water. Let the record show that the patio was relatively shaded and not at all crowded. Gabe briefly attended via iphone. And so it begins. . . . .

Transportation: We are going to rent a minivan for this adventure. Kyle Arthur has volunteered to be the renter of the van and put his credit card in harm's way. The van is $280 for the weekend plus the cost of gasoline (is that right Darci?). I'm not sure exactly how we're working out division of cost, as Darci and John-Robert will be participating in the van ride from Seattle to Shi Shi, but not the entire journey. But you can expect total transportation cost to be around $70. Let's make sure we all contribute so Kyle Arthur (unemployed) doesn't get screwed.

Schedule: Portland departure at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday. I imagine you Westsiders will meet up on your corner and can swing by and pick up Charissa and I. Seattle arrival around 9? Seattle departure around 9? Shi Shi departure around 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning so that we can get back to Portland at a reasonable hour.

Food: Okay. We divided up meals and as there are only so many meals, JR and Andrew are on snack duty. John-Robert- I have a s'mores request but obviously you can do whatever you want. I have a small frying pan and a small pot that I will bring for cooking (a couple more pots would probably be helpful in cooking for seven). Bring whatever else you will need to cook your meal. Also, we will have two camp stoves (me and Kyle Arthur). I'm probably going to do another pasta dish.

Friday Dinner: Rachel
Saturday Breakfast: Charissa
Saturday Lunch: Kyle Arthur
Saturday Dinner: Darci
Sunday Breakfast: Gabe (also, perhaps traditional cheese and salami)
Car Snacks: Andrew
Camp Snacks: John-Robert

Drink: Kyle Arthur is going to be bringing some mini bottles of booze (he loves those). Charissa is going to bring a bottle of whiskey. We may need more whiskey. Kyle Arthur mentioned bringing beer as well, and maybe carrying in a cooler.


Bear Bucket: John-Robert. Will we need two?
Everyone: Your own plate/bowl/food receptacle and utensils
Everyone: Gallon of water
Tents, sleeping bags, etc.: I have a tent that will fit three. Charissa and I will be in it, with room for one more if need be. How is everyone else on that front?
Toys: Darci is bringing frisbee, speakers and ipod
Water filter: JR?
Camp stuff: I have some pans, camp soap, a little cutting board
Coffee: Charissa is taking charge of the coffee front

Miscellaneous: I think that's about it. Bring clothing for all weather but hopefully it will be nice. Bathing suits. Insect repellent. Please pipe up if I've forgotten everything. Don't forget some cash for the ferry. CDs for the minivan. Cards? Travel scrabble? Ooooh. We should bring some musical instruments!


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