July 8, 2010

See This

I saw the best show last night.

Sleepy Sun played Mississippi Studios last night with Tu Fawning and it was one of those trifectas of fate: (1) Had the show marked on my calendar but am always on the fence about weekday shows due to work, (2) was invited by a new friend, and (3) received an inspiring text from Alexis up in Seattle telling all her Portland friends that we should check it out. So I did. And I got my dad to come into town, and Liz and Jesse came, and we sat on the porch and had drinks with lots of ice in them and then went down and listened to so much good music (I am focusing on Sleepy Sun here, but Tu Fawning was awesome as well).

And I love Mississippi Studios. I have yet to see a bad show there, the acoustics are flawless, the atmosphere all red and gold and dark and close and if you sit on the balcony you have a perfect view of the band and can actually see what's going on (as a short person I have given up seeing what happens at shows and just dance in the back and smile at my friends).

The guitarists were amazing, the male vocalist tore up the harmonica, and the female vocalist was this little stick girl in red pants leaping around and waving her arms and at times I thought she would fall over but she never did and was always somehow on time and she had the most amazing voice. She was also the random percussionist and at one point she did a recorder solo. I pretty much died right then.

Here's a sample. I've listened to them for awhile but they are a million times better live. You'll just have to see them.

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