July 7, 2010

In the Water?

So, this weird thing happened that may or may not be a miracle. It happened in Utah so I am prone to think that it was not a miracle. I like to think miracles don't happen in Utah. But, here it is. My knee is better. I have no idea why. The week before the Utah trip my knee was so bad that I couldn't take a walk around the block without limping. It hurt to bike. It hurt to do anything. I assumed that I would be officially crippled by the end of my pygmy rabbit excursion, as the whole week would be spent hiking up and down rocky shrub-steppe hills. But something happened. It may have been the two nights in row that I had my dinner at Rice King Chinese Buffet (so embarrassing, the same people were working both night and they remembered us). It may have been all that hiking somehow shifted something back to the appropriate place in my knee. But I got back to Portland and it still doesn't hurt. I have run twice since I've been back. I skated on the Fourth of July. It kind of feels like a miracle and I may not have surgery (which would be awesome). But I don't know. I am going to be testing it out (running, skating, dancing) for the next two weeks and then I am going to decide. Fingers crossed.


Kyle said...

That is awesome. You may have to become a Mormon now though because it was with their power that they healed you on your excursion.

Rachel Wrong said...

That's what I'm worried about. Goodbye all good things in life, hello regulation underwear.